Non Life Insurance - How is the premium determined?

Many factors determine the premium you will pay. For your Own Damage cover, different insurance companies charge different premiums for similar coverage. Shop around; getting three or more comparison quotes is worthwhile. Check various insurers' websites; it will help you compare premiums. Do not forget to compare deductibles, coverage and IDV’s as premium may be lesser of one insurer but with higher deductibles, lower coverage and lower IDV, which will adversely impact you in the event of claim settlement. Be prepared to give your agent information about the following items that are commonly used to determine your premium: Vehicle registration details with Engine No., Chasis no., Class of the vehicle, cubic capacity, seating capacity, etc. (In fact, all relevant details are in the RC book/card and a copy of same may be handed over) Tax paid details; Certificate of fitness, Driver details - age, gender, qualifications, license validity Previous insurance history, if any. 
The Own Damage coverage is left to be rated by individual insurance companies after duly filing rates with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority. The same is determined on following factors amongst others Age of vehicle; Discounts/loadings- Appropriate Bonus/loading/ discounts along with past claims experience are taken into account while calculating the premium. IDV (Insured Declared Value).
  Third Party Liability Premium rates are laid down by IRDA.In case of a break in insurance, vehicle inspection would be required and extra charges will have to be incurred for the same.